Colorful Colorado Film Festival for Youth is open to all students between the 7th and 12th grades. All members of the movie-making team must be students within this age range. Students may use adults as advisors and as acting talent on productions but may not use adults to function in any other capacity relative to the making of their film or video. Students must have an adult sponsor for the project, whether it be a parent or a teacher.


Films and videos may be any length of time; however, we strongly encourage students to keep their submissions to a 10-minute maximum.


Recommended categories include: drama, comedy, public service or commercial announcement, music video, documentary, experimental, action-adventure, horror, science-fiction and animation. Please keep in mind, however, that judging is conducted based on overall excellence of concept and production. Judges reserve the right to create special categories to recognize excellent submissions, even if they do not fit into published categories.


Gratuitous profanity, violence or obscenities are strongly discouraged.  Judges reserve the right to disqualify submissions based upon these criteria.